Thursday, April 29, 2010

Radio update #2

After about a month of research, I today made it through to the end of the U.S. section in the Indie Bible's list of campus/community radio stations -- still checking the schedule grid and playlists on the websites of each station -- and have sent out just over 100 CDs at this point. There is a lot more still to do but this is a good milestone.

Along the way I've been collecting radio show names from stations across the U.S. that cracked me up. Here is a selected list:

Vinyl Fantasy
Super Happy Fun Time!
Super Happy Doom Time
Sound and Safe
Those Who Live in Philip Glass' House Shouldn't Roll Stones
Furious George
Moar Caübél
Too Evil to Have a Human Name
The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa

Monday, April 26, 2010

Breaking the Tethers - CJSW 90.9 (Calgary)

Andrew Waller played our track "Dang" this morning on his show "Breaking the Tethers" on CJSW -- Calgary's independent radio. I can't find an archived podcast at the moment, will keep looking. Here's the playlist:

"Opening line" - Carol Morgan Trio (Opening)
"The search" - Quiet Nights Orchestra (Chapter one)
"Between B & C" - Keiran Hebden and Steve Reid (NYC)
"Don't look back" - Steve Reid Ensemble (Daxaar)
"If not now, when?"- Organissimo (Alive & kickin')
"Lundu" - Egberto Gismonti (Saudacoes)
"My mind" - Chubby Checker (Chubby Checker)
"Red sails" - Danny Michel (Loving the alien)
"Dang" - The Arboreal Quartet (The Arboreal Quartet)
"Oxygene part IV" - Christian Prommer (Drumlesson zwei)
"Monk's blues' - Dave Glasser (Evolution)
"So soon' - Little Ax & The Golden Echoes (Fire in my bones: raw rare + otherwise unworldly african-american gospel (1944-2007))
"Red pepper blues" - Art Pepper (Art Pepper meets the rhythm section)
"What to say' - Hutchinson Andrew Trio (Rocky mountain jazz)
"John boy" - Brad Mehldau (Highway rider)
"Monocrat" - Ismism (Ismism)
"Peepers" - Polar Bear (Peepers)
"Goodbye" - Chet Doxas (Big sky)
"Berimbau" - Yuko Ito (Mania de voce)
"An happy organ" - Gov't Majik (Party favors)
"Our man Barack" - Pharez Whitted (Transient journey)
"Nautilus rising" - Weasel Walter Septet (Invasion)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jazz Euphorium - CKUT 90.3 (Montreal)

We were played on CKUT's Jazz Euphorium this past Wednesday. The show was hosted by Matt Testa. Lots of great music to be found in their archives!

Here's the playlist from April 14th:

ornette coleman - the shape of jazz to come - lonely woman

brad mehldau - highway rider - john boy

chet doxas - big sky - for jim

keith price - breakfast of champions - warmth

thomson kneeland - mazurka for a modern man - crus bifurcatus

matthew shipp - 4d - what is this thing called love

keith jarrett trio - tokyo '96 - billie's bounce

charles mingus - mingus ah um - goodbye pork pie hat

normand guilbeault ensemble - mingus erectus - mdmd

ratchet orchestra - live at the sala rosa, november 28, 2007 - september

jacky terrasson - smile - smile

robert glasper - double booked - downtime

brad mehldau - highway rider - into the city

the arboreal quartet - s/t - lucky & shift

malcolm sailor quartet - s/t - looking for something to say, anything to say

danilo perez - central avenue - lush life

mose allison - the way of the world - crush

medeski martin & wood - last chance to dance trance (perhaps) - bemsha swing / lively up yourself

Link: Jazz Euphorium April 14, 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010

DJ set on CHOQ.FM

This past Tuesday I sat in on the decks at Mutations, the weekly eclectic mix hosted by Paul Charpentier on CHOQ.FM. He surprised me with what I think is a no-input synth sound generated from the mixing board itself. I'd brought a few drone records, so I rolled with it and we ended up with some interstitial (possibly interspacial) synth/scratch duets between tracks.

Vladimir Cosma - Lame de Fond
Arboreal Quartet - Lucky
Paul Horn - Mumtaz Mahal
Shakti with John McLaughlin - Mind Ecology
Bauchklang - Chingari feat. Shilpa Rao
David Hykes - Hearing Solar Winds
jww - Don't Stop 'Til you get a Sixth Sense
David Hykes - Hearing Solar Winds (con't)
Arboreal Quartet - Snap

link: Mutations April 13, 2010

Review on ran a short review with some photos of our show on March 5th. Thanks, Shannon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Radio update

So I finished off sending CDs to all of the stations across Canada that seemed compatible with our album, and have now started in on the United States. If a station plays folk/roots, world and jazz -- all three of these -- then I'll send them a CD.

Still using the Indie Bible for radio station lists, and following up on other avenues as they appear. One such avenue:
  • Tracking information provided by music promotion services like Crossover Media
I came across this while searching for stations featuring world music, which led to Crossover's project page about The Melody of Rhythm, a collaboration among Bela Fleck, Edgar Meyer and Zakir Hussain. To know which stations are enjoying this album this week is great.

Along the way I've been compiling a bunch of particular radio shows and stations that I'm going to listen to more frequently, and I'll post them here once I have a few more.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Embarking on radio campaign..

Over the past month I've been mailing CDs to radio stations, starting by sending to stations and DJs recommended to me by friends who have been listening to our album.

So far I've hit up KEXP in Seattle, CBC Radio 3 (for consideration on their Sirius channel 86), The Signal with Laurie Brown on CBC Radio 2, CFRU in Guelph and CHOQ.FM and CISM here in Montreal.

The Signal became a fan on our Radio 3 profile and included us in their Radio 3 playlist on March 31. Thanks!

The other day I ran into Rick from Lake of Stew at the post office, and on his advice I picked up the Indie Bible, which is a pretty huge resource (1000 pages).

Following through on this, I today mailed out to campus/community stations in Alberta (one province at a time!): CJSR at University of Alberta, CKXU at University of Lethbridge, CKUA, and soon CJSW at University of Calgary.

I also sent one in to the Canadian publication Penguin Eggs for possible review, thinking that we probably fit within their guidelines of "recordings that fall under the folk, roots and world music banner ... anything from American zydeco to Zimbabwean a cappella." It's an interesting process trying to define our genre.. I think it's accurate to say that we blend at least a few. I've checked out the magazine often over the years -- it's great stuff.

One recurring theme in all of the radio submission guides I've been reading and in the Indie Bible is that most Music Directors like the following:

- A standard CD case (with a spine)
- Unless otherwise specified, nothing more than a one-sheet with pertinent info about the CD, a short bio, and contact information

Also (common sense) you should get familiar the program schedules of each station you're sending to, listen to programs, look at playlists, and make sure that your music fits (ie. not a mass mail-out).

On the subject of Canadian radio in general, I just came across what looks like a great resource: Earshot Online, the national campus and community radio report.