Friday, September 17, 2010

AQ1 streaming on SoundCloud

On our website I decided to take a step back and make it easy to listen to the album. I took inspiration from the website for Mos Dub (produced by Max Tannone - A remix album featuring Mos Def and dub reggae music).

I like the simple "here's the artwork, here's a giant play button, here's how you get it" approach, so I did a quick redesign of our homepage with this in mind.

Again, as we move towards the next recording I need to make room for it on the site :) Here's the SoundCloud stream that can also be found on our homepage. I wonder if I could add it as a sidebar to this blog.

AQ1 by user907003

AQ1 now on CDBaby

We're pleased to now be available at CDBaby, the largest online distributor of independent music. As we move towards recording our next release, I wanted to make sure that our first album (which we released only 6 months ago!) has a good home.

It became more and more obvious that CDBaby was the choice, as it's internationally known, reliable, and easy to use.

Check out our release page on CDBaby!

Monday, September 6, 2010